Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Dubliners

Do you know what I herd?


haha If you know my father than you understand that joke. If's funny anyways. :)

So for my last European adventure (for this year at least! ;) ) Emily, Gena, and I traveled to Dublin, Ireland to celebrate Gena's 21st birthday and to enjoy one last weekend getaway before we have to go back home...
We arrived in Dublin on December 3rd (Happy Birthday, Dad!) and met up with Emily and my's friend Mike Kemp. He has been studying in Dublin for the semester. After checking into our [excellent] hostel we headed to the Guinness factory to immediately immerse ourselves in Irish culture (ha). Interesting fact: Arthur Guinness, when he started the brewery, signed a contract for the land for 9,000 years!!! Was he expecting to be around for that long or something? Nah..he was just a smart man. ha After the Guinness factory, Mike took us to his apartment and showed us around his campus...a real college campus! Not saying that AUR isn't a real college campus...but it definitely doesn't compare to DU or The University of Dublin.

As for the rest of the weekend (Mostly because I don't want to bore ya'll with details), we explored Dublin, went on a tour out into the Irish countryside, went to tons of pubs, drank lots of Guinness and beer, partied with the Irish, celebrated a fantastic 21st birthday filled with kisses and crowns (literally), and made some fantastic 1-minute friends!
I can't believe I come home in 10 days. Where did the time go???? I'm not sure I am ready to fact.. I am positive I am not ready to leave. When I go back it means back to the reality of actual life. This semester has all just been a fantasy. But I will say.. there are few things that I am looking forward when I get home:
~driving my car!
~coffee to go
~a bathtub
~a dryer
~my mom cooking for me (at least for 2 weeks)
~my cell phone
~my double bed
~being able to contact people with no worries about the time difference

See ya'll soon!

Much love,