Sunday, November 29, 2009


Ciao ragazzi!

Time for another wave of blogging!

The weekend before Thanksgiving we had our final ISA excursion to Florence and a small Tuscan town, Arezzo. I really enjoyed this trip because it was out of the city and into some small towns, which of course, I always prefer :)

The first day in Florence we had a walking tour around the main center of town. We made our way to the Duomo and then on to the visit my future husband, David. ;) Obviously we all known the
fame of Michelangelo's David and with good reason. This sculpture is magnificent. I'm talking 17 feet of pure, masculine beauty. Although I get somewhat distracted with the misproportions of his unusually large......hands (come on people...just cause he is butt naked, don't assume I'm looking at other things! hahaha) truly is a masterpiece. But then again...I think everything that Michelangelo did was a God ordained, God given masterpiece.

That night Madeleine, Gena, and I enjoyed a night out in Florence. We went to the Fish Pub (ha) which turned out to have a lot of character. Made some 1-minute friends with three guys who were quite hilarious. Afterwards we made our way to a club, however, we didn't want to stay but apparently you aren't allowed to leave until you buy 10 E worth of drinks. Well. We had no money and the annoying bouncer would not let us leave. Thankfully, Lorenzo, one of the guys friends who didn't even talk to us came to our rescue and paid
the guy off to let us out. I pray good karma for that man!

The next day we had a tour of the Uffizi gallery. I won't bore ya'll with my infatuation with the artwork in here but it was pretty incredible. :) Then my friends and I headed back to the Duomo and climbed the 463 steps to the top! What a climb! But what a view! If any of you ever make it to Florence, definitely climb those steps because it is well worth the effort!

Had an excellent Rick Steve's recommended dinner that night. Oh..and spent too much money on Italian leather goods :)

Sunday morning we left for Arezzo. Not going to lie....I was exhausted and upset about things that I don't even remember much from that day. But it was beautiful. I do remember that :)

Much love,

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