Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What shall we do today? Get gelato by the Pantheon? Sure!


Well it's been a looooong week in Roma! After my sister left, I was finally able to move into my apartment! I live with 5 girls (Emily and 4 girls all from the east coast. ha). Our apartment is on Viale Trastevere, right along the street, which unfortunately means traffic All. Night. Long. I'm talking trash collectors, ambulances, police cars, etc, etc. It's awful. Sleeping is definitely difficult. But other than t
hat, our apartment is nice! 3 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, a cute living area, and a kitchen.

All last week we had various orientation activities and such. It wasn't all that exciting. We did do a tour of the Colliseum and the Roman Forum which was wicked sweet! My friends and I have enjoyed many days of simply exploring..going to the Pantheon, Trevi Fo
untain, the Spanish Steps, Piazza di Navona etc. It's great!

School started this past Monday. It's been interesting! I am taking a Renaissance and Baroque art history class. The majority of the class is on site so we will be going to actually see the art we will be studying! So cool. I am also taking an archeology of Rome class, which is going to be super interesting. Again, this class is mostly on site and I will actually get to vi
sit excavation sites in and around Rome. My third class is Italian. It's very beginner Italian and the professoressa is great! She's extremely nice and easy going but language has never been my strong point. My last class is a sketchbook class. I haven't been to this one yet so I don't know how it will be. Hopefully amazing though!

I am going to get plugged in to a Bible study tomorrow. I met a pastor from the Bible Baptist Church and he leads a Bible study every
Thursday. They also have it arranged so they will pick us up and take us to church on Sundays! I'm going to check it out this coming week. I am also going to try to go to the church that the Halls recommended to me. Right now I am simply craving fellowship with other Christians. However, I do feel like I am spending more time with Jesus since He is the only one I have to fellowship with right now.

I feel a lot more comfortable. And now that I am getting over my sickness, I am feeling a lot better about things. I am glad to be in a routine of sorts with classes started and I think I like having free time to be able to be by myself, leisurely read, and REALLY dedicate time to getting to know Jesus more and see what he has to teach me.

So I do want to point out the things that certain people (cough cough..) told us d
uring our orientations at DU about what to expect in Rome that have been utter LIES (ha)

List of Lies Told by Not to Be Named DU Students:
1) Romans don't wear flip flops.
2) Romans don't wear jeans.
3) Romans don't wear rain boots
4) Romans don't wear shorts
5) Roman apartments are cold
6) You can't buy peanut butter here

That's all for now! I'll update when I have more exciting adventures to talk about!

Much love,

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