Thursday, August 27, 2009


August 17-August 19

August 17:
After a long, long flight to Athens, we finally arrived! I think I was up for over 24 hours but Becca and I decided to jump right into exploring the city! We arrived around 10 am, checked in our hostel (which was located right by the Acropolis), and got some food. After walking around some we ended up finding ourselves at the base of the Acropolis and decided to see it then. I can't even begin to describe it's wonder! It's beautiful. Though there is scaffolding and such, it is such a beautiful, huge, impressive architectural feat. I was so excited to finally be standing there and seeing it with my own eyes. After a long, hot day of hiking around the Acropolis we took a siesta and then woke up and had dinner at 9 (which began our habit of eating that late every day).

August 18:
The next day we finished seeing the Acropolis and explored the Agora. It was so incredible to think about it being the center of life during the ancient times and just thinking about all the history there gave me goosebumps. Later this day we went to Montastiraki and had lunch and then later that evening dinner.

August 19:
Today we flied to Santorini. Our flight wasn't until later so we went back to Montastiraki to the flea market and bought some "evil eyes" and worry beads. After we killed time at a cafe and had some gelato and read...

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