Friday, August 28, 2009

Ferry to Mykonos


Pure torture.

I have never been one to think I would get sea sick...but man was this ferry ride awful! Becca and I got on thinking it would not be too too bad but once we pulled away from the port it was instant insanity.

Picture this: two sisters, one (me) sitting with my head down and eyes closed. Becca sitting next to me rambling on about the brain in order to distract me (cause I can not talk). She is rambling but has to pause more and more to take long, concentrated breaths. The crew walks up and down the aisles handing people puke bags. I start to have a headache and am super concentrated on now throwing up. Becca is doing the same. Soon both of us are plugging our ears (so we do not hear the puking) and humming. I am literally slumped in my seat, moving my body with the waves, humming every CRU worship song I can think of, eyes closed, and ears plugged. I think we both looked like mental patients.

However, we did not throw up! Though most everyone did...the crew walked by with bags and bags full of puke. It was sick. (sorry for the graphics).

So...if you are ever interested in an experience. Ride the ferry from Naxos to Mykonos.

It was by far the worst, most torturous thing I have ever done in my life thus far.

But now to Mykonos!

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