Friday, August 28, 2009


August 22-August 24

August 22:
After checking into our hostel, we went down to the main center of town, along the port and had dinner. We were tired so after we just went to bed. Yah..not too exciting.

August 23:Got up this morning and had a big, much needed and desired breakfast. Afterwards, we decided toe xplore thw town and find this old castle. We walked around a ton until we realized we had been walking in and around the castle the entire time. After this, we walked down to the beach and had a very satifying, long, and relaxing afternoon working on our Greek tans :)

August 24:
Ferry to Mykonos today, so we woke up and had another long breakfast and then read and waiting for th
e ferry. There was a chance our ferry was going to be cancelled due to wind.. we did not really understand how the wind could affect the ferry until we got on the blog post for the ferry alone..

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