Thursday, August 27, 2009


August 19-August 22

August 19:
Our flight to Santorini was short and easy. Got in about 8 pm and our hostel owner, Stavros picked us up from the airport. We had our own room that overlooked the sea and we could watch the sunrise. Stavros was so excited to know that we were sisters! He was great!

After settling in, Becca and I went to find some food and decided on a place close to our hostel. Nothing too exciting happened here until we asked our waiter what the good bars on the island were. After that he and his brother (his family owns the restaurant) starting bringing us more wine and gave us free dessert! Nikitas (our waiter) brought us a flyer for The Highlander bar and then told us that we could all go together. It was hilarious how excited they were. We ended up meeting up with them around 12:30 and danced the night away with them! It was quite entertaining because they didn't speak much English and of course, Becca and I know no Greek. Lucas gave us a ride on his moto back to our hostel and he informed Becca that she "was his love". What a great first night in Santorini!

August 20:
Slept in this and got up and went to the beach, Perissa, the black sand beach. We enjoyed a nice long day in the sun but ended up paying for an umbrella because it was so hot. After the beach we went exploring around the main cent of town, Fira. The streets here are amazing; all cobblestone and hidden. Ate a late dinner and turned in early.
August 21:
Another beach day today. Went back to Perissa but we were too hot so we ended up going back to our hostel and layed out by the pool. Met an Australian, Charlie. Did some more exploring around Fira and decided to ride a donkey down and up the crazy stairs that lead all the way to the port. It was the most hilarious, awkward thing I have ever done! That evening we rode the bus to Oia to watch the sunset. Everyone needs to put on their bucket list to see the sunset at Oia because it is, without a doubt, the most beautiful sunset you could possibly see in the world. We explored Oia and found the house and pier that are Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. After some time, we rode back to Fira and ate dinner and decided to hit up the bars. All the bars have people outside trying to entice people in. We decided to take advantage of each one and convinced people to let us in free or give us free drinks. It was quite entertaining!

August 22:
Went to the beach again briefly today. We had a 4 o'clock ferry to Naxos so we didn't do much. The ferry to Naxos was nice; it took about 3 hours and I slept the whole way. Arrived in Naxos around 8 ish and got checked into our hostel...

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  1. Sounds like you two are off to a fun start! =) love you lots!
    <3 Lauren