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August 24-August 26

1, 2, 3,, dos, tres, quarto..MYKONOSSSSS
August 24:
George, our hostel guy, picked us up from the port. He told us he had to take a lady to the hospital yesterday after she got off the ferry! I am glad we were in better shape than that! The hostel we stayed in was ri
ght between Little Venice (dowtown area) and the bus station. George put us in a 6 person room because he did not have any 2 person privates like we reserved. No extra charge though so it was pretty sweet! George also told us to go to the Scandanavian Bar because his best friend, Stavros, was the owner and would give us free drinks!We settled into our hostel and then went hunting for some food. The streets of Mykonos were designed purposely to confuse pirates and if you put Becca and Kristen lose in those streets...getting lost was bound to happen! It was quite fun though trying to find places and such.
We ended up eating at an Italian restaraunt. We looked at pictures and laughed until we were crying about the ferry ride. It was not that late and people do not really start going out until after midnight so we went back to our hostel until 12:30.

Around 12:30, we went out to find the Scandanavian Bar. We made a little friend who led us up to the disco but no one was there dancing so we made friends with th
e bar tender! His name was Chris, 22, from Thessoloniki. We chatted with him for quite awhile and he gaves us drinks so it would great! ha. Soon the place got crowded and we started making all kinds of 1-minute friends.

First we met Andrew and his pals from Australia. They danced with us off and on all night. While Becca and I were dancing we made friends with a squirrley Italian..he was hilarious. During our trips to the bathroom we always made friends..3 Canadians, another Italian, and some girls because we gave them breath mints! It was great! During our dancing we made friends with Patrick and his sister, Christina, from South Africa. Good dancer
..and Becca met Andreas and Andreas (who later become Andrew 1 and Andrew 2). I also met Vincent, from Germany, and he was adamant that I visit him. ha Oh for random friends!

Becca and I stayed out until 5 am dancing and hanging out with our new friends. Andrew 1 walked us home where
we ironically found out that him and Andrew 2 were staying in the same fact..the room right on the other side of the wall from ours! It was hilarious. It was quite the first night on Mykonos! But oh so much fun!

August 23:
After our long night of dancing, Becca and I did not get out of bed until around noon. Andrew 1 and Andrew 2 agreed to take us to the beach today so Andrew 1 came and woke us up and then they took us to breakfast. They thought it was hilarious that we ate eggs for breakfast. Andrew 1 spoke fairly good English but Andrew 2 only knew very little. After breakfast we all went to Paradise beach and hung out there for a few hours. Becca and I left around 4:30 because Chris was last night told us to meet us at 5 pm at the windmills to hang out. We did
not know if he would really be there or not so we thought we would see anyways! He did end up showing up and we all went out for gelato and just hung out and talked.

Later that evening, we went out to the Scandanavian again but it was not as fun as the first night..more creepers than fun people. A few Italians tried to kiss Becca and I but we adamantly prevented that. No, no no kissing from the Italians! We were tired so we went home around 3 am. Andrew 1 was in love with Becca..ha

August 24th:
Our flight back to Athens was not until 11 pm so we had another full day on Mykonos. Got up and ran into the Andrews so they took us to breakfast again (at 12:30 ha). Then we said goodbye to the Andrews because we did not really want to hang out with them again. We went to Paraga beach for the day and what do you know...the Andrews randomly picked that beach too. It was pretty funny. We left Paraga around 6 pm to go back and meet George to take us to the airport. We got some gelato and saw the Andrews yet again! They are both from Napels so they told me I could come visit sometime in the upcoming months!

As we left for the airport, it was very sad to say goodbye. I did not want to leave Mykonos or Greece. Our flight to Athens was late because our flight from Athens to Rome was early and we planned on just sleeping in the Athens airport. Yah..not fun. The stupid security people kept waking us up telling us we could not sleep there..or there..or there..well where the heck are we supposed to sleep then! It was very frustrating. But we finally checked in and were on our way to Roma!

Goodbye Greece...Hello Italy!

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